Flaunt your unique style with Tiered Wedding themed cakes

Flaunt your unique style with Tiered Wedding themed cakes

The fabulousness of the fondant cakes

Everybody likes to have the taste of ornamented dessert. Do you like the delicious taste of the cakes? Cakes not alone taste good they also look gorgeous to look at. The sayings of the cake people are true! A cake has to look tasty than only it will be satisfying to eat. However, there is also another problem we may encounter. Some cakes look so good and perfect that we simply never have the heart to cut it and eat. They look too good to taste. Have you ever thought of the fact that how could some cakes look impeccably designed to look flawless? There is a satisfying answer to your question.

The rolled fondants are like sweet and honeyed dough. It is made into dough by the two G’s gelatine and glycerine. The rolled fondants are made into thin sheets and used all over the cakes. The colour can be added in the dough to give specific colours for personalization and appeal.

One of the secret ingredients used to make and shape the cake is called the ‘fondant’. The fondant meaning differs according to places. The most common meaning is that they are a flexible and edible substance used on the top of the cake and wrapped all over it like a cute blanket. It is mainly used for the purpose of cake decoration. The fondants are soft and supple so they are easily made in dough like consistency. Many bakeries use fondants to design the cake because they are convenient and hold the cake together when they are designed.

The gratifying uses of the fondants

There are two types of fondants used in the fondant cakes that are poured fondants and rolled fondants. The poured fondants consist of sweet paste known as icing that is utilised for filling the inside creamy layers of the cake. It is made of sugar, water and corn syrup.

The interesting process of the art of fondant making

The quality fondants are made by hot water and sugar combined. The fondant can be formed into the small ball. The cream tartar is added for improving stability. Once it is ready for use the fondants are designed into thin sheets with corn syrup. The fondant is also made with supersaturated water with the substance sucrose that is sugar. When the water is heated and is in the boiling point, water can stand the sugar that is poured, more than if it is kept at the room temperature.

The fondants are smooth and pliable. It can be kneaded in to dough or poured like a cream. The dyes are used in the fondants to give colour. These qualities of the fondant make it a suitable substance to be used in the cakes for design and embellish. The cake is covered in fondants by the cake creators before when they begin the process of decorating the cake. The fondants give an equal surface on the top of the cake for the process of beautification. Therefore reward yourself with a taste of the fondant cakes.



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