Sweetly express your love with Fondant Cakes, Perfect Festival Shower

Sweetly express your love with Fondant Cakes, Perfect Festival Shower

The Special non-traditional wedding confectionaries

Cakes are a sweet part of any wedding. A wedding becomes even more special when the bride and groom cut a beautiful cake. Traditional wedding cakes are never out of style. A wedding day is such an auspicious occasion. It is a very unique and extraordinary day for both the bride and the groom. Then why settle for a classic confectionary just because it is a tradition? Today many couples go for a confectionary which suits their personality. It is the best opportunity for the couple to share their taste with their guests. You can customize the cake however you want.

A wedding is a meaningful ceremony. Everything at the wedding is handpicked by the couple from the music, the venue, the decorations and all the other arrangements. So, it is very important that the bride and the groom choose their own wedding cake.

There are many brilliant wedding cake options available. If you are not a big cake lover then you could also get simple and timeless cakes which match your taste and personality. There are many cake flavours which are suitable for the wedding such as red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, toffee and even lots more. A cake is all about sharing and caring a beautiful wedding cake is an expression of love between you and your lovable partner. It is also a gracious place where the guests can also feel the love in the air through your wedding cake. Let’s see some of the beautiful non-traditional wedding cake options.

  1. Vanilla buttercream is a very common flavour which is used in all the traditional confectionaries. This flavour is very delicious but there is nothing unique about it. To show your soul mate how unique and special your love is for them try something different. The vanilla bean flavour is very classic but a creative flavour. The cake will look perfect with fig, berry and strawberry on the top.
  2. If you are a fun bride and groom just forget about timeless wedding cakes. The lemon cream flavour cake is suitable for couples who love to enjoy their wedding day having fun and dancing around. The cake can be beautifully layered with lemon cream. You can also add side cakes of strawberry and berry puree.
  3. If you love fruit cakes then make it unique by using coloured fondants. To make the cake very impressive a colourful fruit cake inside and a black colour fondant outside is just impeccable. With the rich flavour underneath and a great design is definitely a showstopper. You can even add graceful flowers of contrast colours to make the confectionary even more extraordinary.
  4. Nothing can match the real sweetness of honey. To make your cake lively and real honey confectionaries are just perfect. Honey cake covered with beautifully decorated fondants can make your ceremony even more special.
  5. The ravishing red velvet cakes are never out of style. The cake alone without any decorations but a little bit of hand-drawn flowers can make the evening even more romantic.

These latest cake options can make your sweet day even sweeter. Your wedding cake can be sophisticated, fun, and romantic or however you want. Make sure you choose a cake which reflects your personality and the love you have for your partner.



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