The cakes of Great America

The cakes of Great America

We all know that every country has their speciality dishes. Cakes also come under this extraordinary list of distinguished foods. Have you ever tried an American baked cake? If yes surely that taste would have stuck in your mouth for a long time. There are red velvet cakes to hummingbird cakes that are some of the famous cakes of America. America has a love affair with many cakes because they have a number of cake recipes in their dish. So let’s unravel the various cakes of America here and try making and baking it in our homes.

  1. The glorious Washington cake

Mary Simpson is the women who named her homemade cake as Washington cake for the people to remember her former master George Washington’s Birthday. Many New Yorkers flocked outside her shop to buy that cake. It was a cake invented as a salute to the former president. This is a brief history of the now popular Washington cake.

2.Strawberry shortcake

The short in the shortcake does not mean small, it is actually an old English word for crumbly. The cake has a large amount of fat added in it with proteins that give it a tender and crumbly mixture.

3.Pineapple upside down cake

This cake is a single layered cake with the basic yellow butter cake inverted after the baking process to reveal the shiny mosaic of canned pineapple which will be caramelised. There is no added frosting or gilding done on the cake. The Victoria sponge cake is added to it for a fruity twist.

4.Cider cake

The cider cakes were the first American cakes. When costly European brandy and wine were substituted for the local hard cider to be used as the liquid for the new innovation chemically made butter cakes, the cider cakes were born.

5.Boston cream pie

Boston cream pie is termed as a pie but it is actually a cake. It is served with nothing or sometimes sprinkled with the bakeries sugar. The chocolate glaze is poured into it which is its only decoration. It is one of America’s favourite treats. It is simple yet very tasty.

6.Carrot cake

The carrot cakes are made by chemical leavening the vegetable plum pudding. It is made with the ingredients like grated carrots, raisins, suet, grated potatoes, flour and baking soda.

7.Monkey bread

This baked cake resembles the phrase a ‘barrel of monkeys’. The many pieces of dough are placed next to or on top of each other. The cakes are mostly uneven to look at however very delicious to eat.

8.Red velvet cake

The colour red in the cake is because of the chemical reaction of the acid with the bar chocolate that is not sweet. The cocoa powder in combination with acidic liquid creates the shade of red. This cake is soft, supple and tastes heavenly.

These are the delectable cakes that have travelled from America to many other countries. The cakes show the richness of the history and the line in which they have travelled through the years.



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