With cakes from Germany

With cakes from Germany

One of the finest and best bakeries can be found in Germany. The reason is that German confectionaries are simply to die for. You can find delicious cakes which are creamy, gooey, fruity and chocolaty. Some cakes have household names and some cake names are like tongue twisters. Let’s take a sweet journey across all the German confectionaries.

1.Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte- the black forest

We must thank Germans for introducing us to the delicious black forest cakes. Who doesn’t love black forest cakes? Yes, we all do! Black forest cakes are absolutely magic in a plate. One of the stats suggests that it is the cake which is loved by most of the people around the world. The rich indulgence of cherries, whipped cream, sponge cake and chocolate shavings magically turns it into a black forest cake. Even though black forest cakes are available everywhere the original and authentic black forest cake is available in the black forest region. They add special cherry liquor to the cake.

2.Bienenstich- the bee’s sting

The name of the cake may not be very attractive. However, you may not forget this cake in your life after taking a single sweet bite. The taste of this confectionary is very rich. It is made with yeast dough which is generously filled with cream or custard. The almonds are beautifully caramelized to top the cake. The last part is interesting as a layer of honey has to be drizzled all over the cake. Honey is compulsory as the name of the cake should be justified.

3.Prinzregententorte- Bavaria

The Prinzregententorte is a seven layer cake. It is alternated with thick chocolate buttercream and sponge cake. The beautiful icing is done with yummy apricot jam. The cake can just melt through your throat. Are you ready for a sinful dessert? Then go for a Prinzregententorte.

4.Baumkuchen- the tree cake

The Baumkuchen cake is similar to that of a tree. That is the reason it is known as the tree cake. The layers of vanilla, chocolate, nougat, liquor, nuts are added to it. This confectionery is absolutely stunning as it resembles a tree. When the cake is sliced you can see golden rings.

5.Kalter Hund- the cold dog 

Have you ever thought of making a cake without baking it? It is a possible with the “the cold” dog. With the enchanting layers of chocolate and crushed cookies, the mix is kept in the refrigerator for several hours to set. The cake can be made even more delicious by topping it with shavings of coconut, nuts and some chocolates.

6.Erdbeertorte-the strawberry tart

Are you ready for a fruity heavenly tart? Then there is nothing much sweeter and fruitier than a strawberry pie. This confectionary consists of layers of sponge cakes, whipped cream and fresh strawberries on the top are just ravishing. You can even top it with strawberry jam for a sweet, tangy twist. You can hear the heavenly music when drizzling icing sugar all over the tart.

With just some whips and twists you can bake amazing fresh German cakes. Your sweet tooth may want to taste all of these above-mentioned cakes. So try it all for a one of a kind cake experience.



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